Brand Collaborations

One of the ways I’m able to bring you what you’ve come to expect from The Cowboy Accountant™ is by partnering with brands I believe in, and who have exceptional products or services, so that you can enjoy amazing content. You should know I’m extremely selective about the brands I work with, and retain editorial control of all content I publish across all of my platforms. In other words, no brand is going to push me around. 

You should also know that I do not publish stories written by brands, nor do I allow brands to tell me how to write my content. As a result, I’ve said “no” to a lot of offers. While this may not be the norm among websites like mine, from the start I’ve applied the same high standards of quality to my collaborations as I do to all of the content I provide to you. 

How can you tell what is part of a paid collaboration?

Transparency matters. It’s the cowboy way and I feel very strongly about this. As a matter of fact, I’d consider “very strongly” to be something of an understatement. With me, you get what you see. So, I have the following elements in place to make sure you can easily identify when content is part of a paid collaboration:

Collaborations on are identified by:

  • a “Collaborations” topic tag displayed in the story, in the lower part of the article, just above the social sharing icons
  • Italicized copy at the beginning of the story stating that it is part of a collaboration, naming the brand partner, and linking to this page
  • Inclusion in the “Collaborations” tag category within the site, available by clicking on any tag in any story.

Collaborations on Social are identified by:

  • #sponsored or #ad hashtag on Instagram and Twitter
  • the word “Sponsored” or “Ad” on Facebook