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Ride along with your host Chip Schweiger, The Cowboy Accountant, as he takes you on a journey through the stories of the American West, the best cowboy wisdom, and a celebration of the cowboys and cowgirls who are feeding a nation.

Why Cowboys Hobble Their Horses Way Out West

Hobbling horses dates back to at least the ancient Egyptians.  And while today hobbles are most closely associated with Western culture and their use by working cowboys to restrain horses in lieu of trees or other tie devices, hobbles are also an effective training tool for horses.  This week's episode talks about the benefits for both horse and human of being purposely uncomfortable. And of course, we’ll have the cowboy glossary word of the week. So why not ride along? Hey friend, also be sure to sign up for updates and exclusive content at http://www.CowboyAccountant.com. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/chip-schweiger/support
  1. Why Cowboys Hobble Their Horses
  2. Boss Of The Plains – The Story of John B. Stetson
  3. What It Means To Ride For The Brand
  4. The Outrider and His Importance to The Cattle Drive
  5. A Cowboy's Most Essential Tool

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